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Syria&Libia: “regime censorship” and “expression freedom” – NATO PROPAGANDA vs Truth (sources)

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Here all the sources of my video – Qui trovate tutte le fonti del mio video:

(1) CNN – CIA’s News Network

(2)Robert Fish interviews Syrian Army Generals

Robert Fisk: ‘They snipe at us then run and hide in sewers’

Robert Fisk: ‘No power can bring down the Syrian regime’

(3) Delegazione Siro-Italiana incontra Presidente Parlamento Siriano, dr. Mahmoud (ITALIANO)

(4) Assad interviewed by Barbara Walters

(5) Bashar Assad interviewed by Todenhöfer, July 5th 2012

(6) Syria – Gilles Jacquier was killed by Terrorists 18-07-2012

(7) Syria: Bombs hit cars escorting ANSA correspondent, one dies (ITALIANO)

(8) Porta a Porta, “Attacco alleato alla Libia”, 21 Marzo 2011 (ITALIANO) (ITALIANO)

(9) A tu per con Yvonne De Vito (ITALIANO)

(10) Intervista ad Yvonne De Vito (ITALIANO)

(11) Censorship: Britain bans Press TV

(12) Censorship: EU bans Addounia TV

(13) US sanctions against the Syrian Arab Television and Radio Broadcasting Commission (SATRBC)

EU sanctions against General Organisation of Radio and TV (GORT):

(14) Syrian SANA News Agency website is under fierce attack 07-14-2012

(15) JANA News

(16)LANA News

(17) – archive of JANA articles!+Anyone+still+access%253F%253F+

(18) NATO bombed Libyan TV – June 7, 2011

(19) NATO bombed Libyan TV – July 30, 2011 (ITALIANO) (ITALIANO)

(20) Arab League seeks to block Libya TV channels (ITALIANO) (ITALIANO)

(21) Arab League Decision to Request That Arabsat and Nilesat Halt Broadcast of Syrian Channels Condemned

(22) Ministry of Information: Stopping Broadcast of Addounia TV on Arabsat and Nilesat Preparatory Step to Launch Misleading Campaign of False News

(23)  Information Ministry: A Fake Channel is Using Syrian Satellite Channel Logo and May Replace Genuine Channel

Syrian people warned against ‘fake TV channel’

(24) Qatar Simulates Syria’s Public Places to Produce Fake Videos

(25) SYRIA – Satellite operators stops broadcasting Syrian channels

NileSat, Arabsat Suspend Broadcast of Syrian Satellite Channels

Nilesat, Arabsat stop broadcasting Syria state TV channels

(26) Syria: Attack on TV staff ‘worst massacre against journalism’

(27) ” Jabhet Al-Nusra” Has Killed The Journalist and News Anchor ”Muhammad Al-Saeed”

(28) Martyr Journalist Ali Abbas Paid Final Tributes

(29) Terrorists kidnapped journalists

(30) Kidnapped al-Ikhbariya TV Cameraman Hatem Abu Yehya Martyred (ITALIANO)

(31) Syrian Army rescues journalists that were kidnapped by terrorists

(32) Al-Jazeera Correspondent in Beirut Resigns over Biased Coverage of Syrian File

(33) Interview: Al-Jazeera former producer report plots against Libya and Syria

(34) 89% vote in favor of new Syrian Constitution

(35) New Syrian Constitution

(36) UN report on Libya (4th January 2011) (ITALIANO)

(37) La Libia che ho conosciuto (ITALIANO)

(38) Jalil promise sto legalize Polygamy

(39) Rats force woman to leave for not covering her hairs

(40) Seif proposal refused by rats

(41) fsa rats  woman and children

(42) fatwas on demand:

(43) Terrorist Sheikh Muhammad Al-Zughbey calls for Jihad against the Alawites

(44) Terrorist Adnan Al-Aroor

(45) Aroor Damasco
(46) chope alawite


(48) The fraud of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights

(49) How the press works


Ricucci attacca tutti i giornalisti indipendenti in Libia accusandoli di essere al servizio di Gheddafi:

Ricucci insulta tutti i partecipanti alla manifestazione per la Siria tenutasi a Roma il 16 Giugno definendoli ”complici degli sgherri del macellaio Assad”:

La risposta di Filippo Fortunato Pilato:

La risposta di Fulvio Grimaldi:

La risposta di Marinella Correggia:

Youtube channels (Yvonne)

Syrian Media TV in English:

Official channels (Arabic language):

Official Live Streaming:|